list method

Stream<FileSystemEntity> list ({bool recursive: false, bool followLinks: true })

Lists the sub-directories and files of this Directory. Optionally recurses into sub-directories.

If followLinks is false, then any symbolic links found are reported as Link objects, rather than as directories or files, and are not recursed into.

If followLinks is true, then working links are reported as directories or files, depending on their type, and links to directories are recursed into. Broken links are reported as Link objects. If a symbolic link makes a loop in the file system, then a recursive listing will not follow a link twice in the same recursive descent, but will report it as a Link the second time it is seen.

The result is a stream of FileSystemEntity objects for the directories, files, and links.


Stream<FileSystemEntity> list(
    {bool recursive: false, bool followLinks: true});