getString static method

Future<String> getString(
  1. String url,
  2. {bool? withCredentials,
  3. void onProgress(
    1. ProgressEvent e

Creates a GET request for the specified url.

This is similar to request but specialized for HTTP GET requests which return text content.

To add query parameters, append them to the url following a ?, joining each key to its value with = and separating key-value pairs with &.

var name = Uri.encodeQueryComponent('John');
var id = Uri.encodeQueryComponent('42');
  .then((String resp) {
    // Do something with the response.

See also:


static Future<String> getString(String url,
    {bool? withCredentials, void onProgress(ProgressEvent e)?}) {
  return request(url,
          withCredentials: withCredentials, onProgress: onProgress)
      .then((HttpRequest xhr) => xhr.responseText!);