Helper class which implements complex Map operations in term of basic ones (Map.keys, Map.operator [], Map.operator []= and Map.remove.) Not all methods are necessary to implement each particular operation.

Static Methods

clear(Map map) → dynamic

containsKey(Map map, key) → bool

containsValue(Map map, value) → bool

forEach(Map map, void f(key, value)) → dynamic

getValues(Map map) → Iterable

isEmpty(Map map) → bool

isNotEmpty(Map map) → bool

length(Map map) → int

mapToString(Map m) → String

Returns a string representing the specified map. The returned string looks like this: '{key0: value0, key1: value1, ... keyN: valueN}'. The value returned by its toString method is used to represent each key or value.

putIfAbsent(Map map, key, dynamic ifAbsent()) → dynamic