Iterable<E> getRange(int start, int end)

Returns an Iterable that iterates over the objects in the range start inclusive to end exclusive.

An error occurs if end is before start.

An error occurs if the start and end are not valid ranges at the time of the call to this method. The returned Iterable behaves like skip(start).take(end - start). That is, it does not throw exceptions if this changes size.

List<String> colors = ['red', 'green', 'blue', 'orange', 'pink'];
Iterable<String> range = colors.getRange(1, 4);
range.join(', ');  // 'green, blue, orange'
colors.length = 3;
range.join(', ');  // 'green, blue'


Iterable<E> getRange(int start, int end);