1. DomName('Window.close')
  2. DocsEditable()
void close()

Closes the window.

This method should only succeed if the WindowBase object is script-closeable and the window calling close is allowed to navigate the window.

A window is script-closeable if it is either a window that was opened by another window, or if it is a window with only one document in its history.

A window might not be allowed to navigate, and therefore close, another window due to browser security features.

var other = window.open('http://www.example.com', 'foo');
// Closes other window, as it is script-closeable.
print(other.closed()); // 'true'

window.location('http://www.mysite.com', 'foo');
// Does not close this window, as the history has changed.
print(window.closed()); // 'false'

See also:


void close() => _blink.BlinkWindow.instance.close_Callback_0_(this);