Future<int> exitCode

Returns a Future which completes with the exit code of the process when the process completes.

The handling of exit codes is platform specific.

On Linux and OS X a normal exit code will be a positive value in the range 0..255. If the process was terminated due to a signal the exit code will be a negative value in the range -255..-1, where the absolute value of the exit code is the signal number. For example, if a process crashes due to a segmentation violation the exit code will be -11, as the signal SIGSEGV has the number 11.

On Windows a process can report any 32-bit value as an exit code. When returning the exit code this exit code is turned into a signed value. Some special values are used to report termination due to some system event. E.g. if a process crashes due to an access violation the 32-bit exit code is 0xc0000005, which will be returned as the negative number -1073741819. To get the original 32-bit value use (0x100000000 + exitCode) & 0xffffffff.


Future<int> get exitCode;