checkValidIndex method

void checkValidIndex (int index, dynamic indexable, [ String name, int length, String message ])

Check that a value is a valid index into an indexable object.

Throws if index is not a valid index into indexable.

An indexable object is one that has a length and a and index-operator [] that accepts an index if 0 <= index < length.

If length is provided, it is used as the length of the indexable object, otherwise the length is found as indexable.length.


static void checkValidIndex(int index, dynamic indexable,
    [String name, int length, String message]) {
  length ??= indexable.length;
  // Comparing with `0` as receiver produces better dart2js type inference.
  if (0 > index || index >= length) {
    name ??= "index";
    throw new RangeError.index(index, indexable, name, message, length);