RegExp constructor

RegExp(String source, { bool multiLine: false, bool caseSensitive: true })

Constructs a regular expression.

Throws a FormatException if source is not valid regular expression syntax.

If multiLine is enabled, then ^ and $ will match the beginning and end of a line, in addition to matching beginning and end of input, respectively.

If caseSensitive is disabled, then case is ignored.


var wordPattern = RegExp(r"(\w+)");
var bracketedNumberValue = RegExp("$key: \\[\\d+\\]");

Notice the use of a raw string in the first example, and a regular string in the second. Because of the many character classes used in regular expressions, it is common to use a raw string here, unless string interpolation is required.


external factory RegExp(String source,
    {bool multiLine = false, bool caseSensitive = true});