ZoneSpecification constructor

const ZoneSpecification(
  1. {HandleUncaughtErrorHandler? handleUncaughtError,
  2. RunHandler? run,
  3. RunUnaryHandler? runUnary,
  4. RunBinaryHandler? runBinary,
  5. RegisterCallbackHandler? registerCallback,
  6. RegisterUnaryCallbackHandler? registerUnaryCallback,
  7. RegisterBinaryCallbackHandler? registerBinaryCallback,
  8. ErrorCallbackHandler? errorCallback,
  9. ScheduleMicrotaskHandler? scheduleMicrotask,
  10. CreateTimerHandler? createTimer,
  11. CreatePeriodicTimerHandler? createPeriodicTimer,
  12. PrintHandler? print,
  13. ForkHandler? fork}

Creates a specification with the provided handlers.

If the handleUncaughtError is provided, the new zone will be a new "error zone" which will prevent errors from flowing into other error zones (see Zone.errorZone, Zone.inSameErrorZone).


const factory ZoneSpecification