JSObjectUnsafeUtilExtension extension



callMethod<T extends JSAny?>(JSAny method, [JSAny? arg1, JSAny? arg2, JSAny? arg3, JSAny? arg4]) → T
callMethodVarArgs<T extends JSAny?>(JSAny method, [List<JSAny?>? arguments]) → T
delete(JSAny property) JSBoolean
Deletes the given property from this JSObject.
getProperty<T extends JSAny?>(JSAny property) → T
Gets a given property from this JSObject.
hasProperty(JSAny property) JSBoolean
Whether or not this JSObject has a given property.
setProperty(JSAny property, JSAny? value) → void
Sets a given property with value on this JSObject.


operator [](String property) JSAny?
Shorthand helper to get String properties.
operator []=(String property, JSAny? value) → void
Shorthand helper to set String properties.