controlWebServer static method

Future<ServiceProtocolInfo> controlWebServer(
  1. {bool enable = false,
  2. bool? silenceOutput}

Control the web server that the service protocol is accessed through. enable is used as a toggle to enable or disable the web server servicing requests. If silenceOutput is provided and is true, the server will not output information to the console.


static Future<ServiceProtocolInfo> controlWebServer(
    {bool enable = false, bool? silenceOutput}) async {
  // TODO: When NNBD is complete, delete the following line.
  ArgumentError.checkNotNull(enable, 'enable');
  // Port to receive response from service isolate.
  final RawReceivePort receivePort =
      new RawReceivePort(null, 'Service.controlWebServer');
  final Completer<String?> completer = new Completer<String?>();
  receivePort.handler = (String? uriString) => completer.complete(uriString);
  // Request the information from the service isolate.
  _webServerControl(receivePort.sendPort, enable, silenceOutput);
  // Await the response from the service isolate.
  String? uriString = await completer.future;
  Uri? uri = uriString == null ? null : Uri.parse(uriString);
  // Close the port.
  return new ServiceProtocolInfo(uri);