attach abstract method

void attach(
  1. Finalizable value,
  2. Pointer<Void> token,
  3. {Object? detach,
  4. int? externalSize}

Attaches this finalizer to value.

When value is no longer accessible to the program, the finalizer will call its callback function with token as argument.

If a non-null detach value is provided, that object can be passed to Finalizer.detach to remove the attachment again.

The value and detach arguments do not count towards those objects being accessible to the program. Both must be objects supported as an Expando key. They may be the same object.

Multiple objects may be using the same finalization token, and the finalizer can be attached multiple times to the same object with different, or the same, finalization token.

The callback will be called exactly once per attachment, except for registrations which have been detached since they were attached.

The externalSize should represent the amount of native (non-Dart) memory owned by the given value. This information is used for garbage collection scheduling heuristics.


void attach(Finalizable value, Pointer<Void> token,
    {Object? detach, int? externalSize});