sublist method

List<E> sublist(
  1. int start,
  2. [int? end]

Returns a new list containing the elements between start and end.

The new list is a List<E> containing the elements of this list at positions greater than or equal to start and less than end in the same order as they occur in this list.

final colors = <String>['red', 'green', 'blue', 'orange', 'pink'];
print(colors.sublist(1, 3)); // [green, blue]

If end is omitted, it defaults to the length of this list.

final colors = <String>['red', 'green', 'blue', 'orange', 'pink'];
print(colors.sublist(3)); // [orange, pink]

The start and end positions must satisfy the relations 0 ≤ startendlength. If end is equal to start, then the returned list is empty.


List<E> sublist(int start, [int? end]) {
  int listLength = this.length;
  end ??= listLength;

  RangeError.checkValidRange(start, end, listLength);
  return List.from(getRange(start, end));