parse static method

  1. @Since("3.0")
bool parse(
  1. String source,
  2. {bool caseSensitive = true}

Parses source as an, optionally case-insensitive, boolean literal.

If caseSensitive is true, which is the default, the only accepted inputs are the strings "true" and "false", which returns the results true and false respectively.

If caseSensitive is false, any combination of upper and lower case ASCII letters in the words "true" and "false" are accepted, as if the input was first lower-cased.

Throws a FormatException if the source string does not contain a valid boolean literal.

Rather than throwing and immediately catching the FormatException, instead use tryParse to handle a potential parsing error.


print(bool.parse('true')); // true
print(bool.parse('false')); // false
print(bool.parse('TRUE')); // throws FormatException
print(bool.parse('TRUE', caseSensitive: false)); // true
print(bool.parse('FALSE', caseSensitive: false)); // false
print(bool.parse('NO')); // throws FormatException
print(bool.parse('YES')); // throws FormatException
print(bool.parse('0')); // throws FormatException
print(bool.parse('1')); // throws FormatException


external static bool parse(String source, {bool caseSensitive = true});