toStringAsFixed abstract method

String toStringAsFixed(
  1. int fractionDigits

A decimal-point string-representation of this number.

Converts this number to a double before computing the string representation, as by toDouble.

If the absolute value of this is greater than or equal to 10^21, then this methods returns an exponential representation computed by this.toStringAsExponential(). Otherwise the result is the closest string representation with exactly fractionDigits digits after the decimal point. If fractionDigits equals 0, then the decimal point is omitted.

The parameter fractionDigits must be an integer satisfying: 0 <= fractionDigits <= 20.


1.toStringAsFixed(3);  // 1.000
(4321.12345678).toStringAsFixed(3);  // 4321.123
(4321.12345678).toStringAsFixed(5);  // 4321.12346
123456789012345.toStringAsFixed(3);  // 123456789012345.000
10000000000000000.toStringAsFixed(4); // 10000000000000000.0000
5.25.toStringAsFixed(0); // 5


String toStringAsFixed(int fractionDigits);