list static method

Future<List<NetworkInterface>> list(
  1. {bool includeLoopback = false,
  2. bool includeLinkLocal = false,
  3. InternetAddressType type = InternetAddressType.any}

Query the system for NetworkInterfaces.

If includeLoopback is true, the returned list will include the loopback device. Default is false.

If includeLinkLocal is true, the list of addresses of the returned NetworkInterfaces, may include link local addresses. Default is false.

If type is either InternetAddressType.IPv4 or InternetAddressType.IPv6 it will only lookup addresses of the specified type. Default is InternetAddressType.any.


external static Future<List<NetworkInterface>> list(
    {bool includeLoopback = false,
    bool includeLinkLocal = false,
    InternetAddressType type = InternetAddressType.any});