toExternalReference property

ExternalDartReference toExternalReference

An opaque reference to this Object which can be passed to JavaScript.

When compiling to JavaScript, a Dart object is a JavaScript object, and therefore this directly returns the Dart object. When compiling to Wasm, an internal Wasm function is used to convert the Dart object to an opaque JavaScript value.

A value of type ExternalDartReference should be treated as completely opaque. It can only be passed around as-is or converted back using ExternalDartReferenceToObject.toDartObject.

When this getter is called multiple times on the same Dart object, the underlying references in the resulting ExternalDartReferences are guaranteed to be equal. Therefore, == will always return true between such ExternalDartReferences. However, like JS types, identical between such values may return different results depending on the compiler.


external ExternalDartReference get toExternalReference;