setField abstract method

InstanceMirror setField(
  1. Symbol fieldName,
  2. dynamic value

Invokes a setter and returns a mirror on the result.

The setter may be either the implicit setter for a non-final field or a user-defined setter method.

Let o be the object reflected by this mirror, let f be the simple name of the getter denoted by fieldName, and let a be the object bound to value.

Then this method will perform the setter invocation o.f = a in a scope that has access to the private members of o (if o is a class or library) or the private members of the class of o (otherwise).

If the invocation returns a result r, this method returns the result of calling reflect(value).

If the invocation causes a compilation error, the effect is the same as if a non-reflective compilation error had been encountered.

If the invocation throws an exception e (that it does not catch) this method throws e.


InstanceMirror setField(Symbol fieldName, dynamic value);