replaceFirstMapped abstract method

String replaceFirstMapped(
  1. Pattern from,
  2. String replace(
    1. Match match
  3. [int startIndex = 0]

Replace the first occurrence of from in this string.

const string = 'Dart is fun';
    'fun', (m) => 'open source')); // Dart is open source

    RegExp(r'\w(\w*)'), (m) => '<${m[0]}-${m[1]}>')); // <Dart-art> is fun

Returns a new string, which is this string except that the first match of from, starting from startIndex, is replaced by the result of calling replace with the match object.

The startIndex must be non-negative and no greater than length.


String replaceFirstMapped(Pattern from, String replace(Match match),
    [int startIndex = 0]);