log function

void log(
  1. String message,
  2. {DateTime? time,
  3. int? sequenceNumber,
  4. int level = 0,
  5. String name = '',
  6. Zone? zone,
  7. Object? error,
  8. StackTrace? stackTrace}

Emit a log event.

This function was designed to map closely to the logging information collected by package:logging.

  • message is the log message
  • time (optional) is the timestamp
  • sequenceNumber (optional) is a monotonically increasing sequence number
  • level (optional) is the severity level (a value between 0 and 2000); see the package:logging Level class for an overview of the possible values
  • name (optional) is the name of the source of the log message
  • zone (optional) the zone where the log was emitted
  • error (optional) an error object associated with this log event
  • stackTrace (optional) a stack trace associated with this log event


external void log(
  String message, {
  DateTime? time,
  int? sequenceNumber,
  int level = 0,
  String name = '',
  Zone? zone,
  Object? error,
  StackTrace? stackTrace,