asTypedList method

Float64List asTypedList(
  1. int length,
  2. {@Since('3.1') Pointer<NativeFinalizerFunction>? finalizer,
  3. @Since('3.1') Pointer<Void>? token}

Creates a typed list view backed by memory in the address space.

The returned view will allow access to the memory range from address to address + sizeOf<Double>() * length.

The user has to ensure the memory range is accessible while using the returned list.

If provided, finalizer will be run on the pointer once the typed list is GCed. If provided, token will be passed to finalizer, otherwise the this pointer itself will be passed.

The address must be 8-byte aligned.


external Float64List asTypedList(
  int length, {
  @Since('3.1') Pointer<NativeFinalizerFunction>? finalizer,
  @Since('3.1') Pointer<Void>? token,