abort abstract method

  1. @Since("2.10")
void abort(
  1. [Object? exception,
  2. StackTrace? stackTrace]

Aborts the client connection.

If the connection has not yet completed, the request is aborted and the done future (also returned by close) is completed with the provided exception and stackTrace. If exception is omitted, it defaults to an HttpException, and if stackTrace is omitted, it defaults to StackTrace.empty.

If the done future has already completed, aborting has no effect.

Using the IOSink methods (e.g., write and add) has no effect after the request has been aborted

var client = HttpClient();
HttpClientRequest request = await client.get('localhost', 80, '/file.txt');
request.write('request content');
Timer(Duration(seconds: 1), () {
request.close().then((response) {
  // If response comes back before abort, this callback will be called.
}, onError: (e) {
  // If abort() called before response is available, onError will fire.


void abort([Object? exception, StackTrace? stackTrace]);