resolvePackageUri static method

Future<Uri?> resolvePackageUri(
  1. Uri packageUri

Resolves a package: URI to its actual location.

Returns the actual location of the file or directory specified by the packageUri package: URI.

If the packageUri is not a package: URI, it's returned as-is.

Returns null if packageUri is a package: URI, but either the current package configuration does not have a configuration for the package name of the URI, or the URI is not valid (doesn't start with package:valid_package_name/),

A package: URI is resolved to its actual location based on a package resolution configuration (see packageConfig) which specifies how to find the actual location of the file or directory that the package: URI points to.

The actual location corresponding to a package: URI is always a non-package: URI, typically a file: or possibly http: URI.

A program may be run in a way where source files are not available, and if so, the returned URI may not correspond to the actual file or directory or be null.


external static Future<Uri?> resolvePackageUri(Uri packageUri);