putIfAbsent method Null safety

V putIfAbsent(
  1. K key,
  2. V ifAbsent(

    Look up the value of key, or add a new entry if it isn't there.

    Returns the value associated to key, if there is one. Otherwise calls ifAbsent to get a new value, associates key to that value, and then returns the new value.

    Map<String, int> scores = {'Bob': 36};
    for (var key in ['Bob', 'Rohan', 'Sophena']) {
      scores.putIfAbsent(key, () => key.length);
    scores['Bob'];      // 36
    scores['Rohan'];    //  5
    scores['Sophena'];  //  7

    Calling ifAbsent must not add or remove keys from the map.


    V putIfAbsent(K key, V ifAbsent());