take method Null safety

Stream<T> take (
  1. int count

Provides at most the first count data events of this stream.

Returns a stream that emits the same events that this stream would if listened to at the same time, until either this stream ends or it has emitted count data events, at which point the returned stream is done.

If this stream produces fewer than count data events before it's done, so will the returned stream.

Starts listening to this stream when the returned stream is listened to and stops listening when the first count data events have been received.

This means that if this is a single-subscription (non-broadcast) streams it cannot be reused after the returned stream has been listened to.

If this is a broadcast stream, the returned stream is a broadcast stream. In that case, the events are only counted from the time the returned stream is listened to.


Stream<T> take(int count) {
  return new _TakeStream<T>(this, count);