operator == method Null safety

bool operator == (
  1. Object other

Test whether another object is equal to this function.

Function objects are only equal to other function objects (an object satisfying object is Function), and never to non-function objects.

Some function objects are considered equal by == because they are recognized as representing the "same function":

  • It is the same object. Static and top-level functions are compile time constants when used as values, so referring to the same function twice always give the same object, as does referring to a local function declaration twice in the same scope where it was declared.
  • if they refer to the same member method extracted from the same object. Repeatedly extracting an instance method of an object as a function value gives equal, but not necessarily identical, function values.

Different evaluations of function literals never give rise to equal function objects. Each time a function literal is evaluated, it creates a new function value that is not equal to any other function value, not even ones created by the same expression.


bool operator ==(Object other);