insertAdjacentHtml method Null safety

void insertAdjacentHtml (
  1. String where,
  2. String html,
  3. {NodeValidator? validator,
  4. NodeTreeSanitizer? treeSanitizer}

Parses text as an HTML fragment and inserts it into the DOM at the specified location.

The where parameter indicates where to insert the HTML fragment:

  • 'beforeBegin': Immediately before this element.

  • 'afterBegin': As the first child of this element.

  • 'beforeEnd': As the last child of this element.

  • 'afterEnd': Immediately after this element.

    var html = '

    '; // Inserts as the first child document.body.insertAdjacentHtml('afterBegin', html); var createdElement = document.body.children0; print(createdElement.classes0); // Prints 'something'

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void insertAdjacentHtml(String where, String html,
    {NodeValidator? validator, NodeTreeSanitizer? treeSanitizer}) {
  if (treeSanitizer is _TrustedHtmlTreeSanitizer) {
    _insertAdjacentHtml(where, html);
  } else {
            validator: validator, treeSanitizer: treeSanitizer));