writeIterable<T> method Null safety

void writeIterable<T>(
  1. List<T> target,
  2. int at,
  3. Iterable<T> source

Write the elements of an iterable into a list.

This is a utility function that can be used to implement methods like setAll.

The elements of source are written into target from position at. The source must not contain more elements after writing the last position of target.

If the source is a list, the copyRange function is likely to be more efficient.


static void writeIterable<T>(List<T> target, int at, Iterable<T> source) {
  RangeError.checkValueInInterval(at, 0, target.length, "at");
  int index = at;
  int targetLength = target.length;
  for (var element in source) {
    if (index == targetLength) {
      throw IndexError(targetLength, target);
    target[index] = element;