sendMessage method Null safety

  1. @Since("2.15")
int sendMessage(
  1. List<SocketControlMessage> controlMessages,
  2. List<int> data,
  3. [int offset = 0,
  4. int? count]

Writes socket control messages and data bytes to the socket.

Writes controlMessages and up to count bytes of data, starting at offset, to the socket. If count is not provided, as many bytes as possible are written. Use write instead if no control messages are required to be sent.

When sent control messages are received, they are retained until the next call to readMessage, where all currently available control messages are provided as part of the returned SocketMessage. Calling read will read only data bytes, and will not affect control messages.

The count must be positive (greater than zero).

Returns the number of bytes written, which cannot be greater than count, nor greater than data.length - offset. Return value of zero indicates that control messages were not sent.

This function is non-blocking and will only write data if buffer space is available in the socket.

Throws an OSError if message could not be sent out.

Unsupported by RawSecureSocket.


int sendMessage(List<SocketControlMessage> controlMessages, List<int> data,
    [int offset = 0, int? count]);