autoUncompress property Null safety

bool autoUncompress
read / write

Gets and sets whether the body of a response will be automatically uncompressed.

The body of an HTTP response can be compressed. In most situations providing the un-compressed body is most convenient. Therefore the default behavior is to un-compress the body. However in some situations (e.g. implementing a transparent proxy) keeping the uncompressed stream is required.

NOTE: Headers in the response are never modified. This means that when automatic un-compression is turned on the value of the header Content-Length will reflect the length of the original compressed body. Likewise the header Content-Encoding will also have the original value indicating compression.

NOTE: Automatic un-compression is only performed if the Content-Encoding header value is gzip.

This value affects all responses produced by this client after the value is changed.

To disable, set to false.

Default is true.


bool autoUncompress = true;