dart:js_util library Null safety

Utility methods to manipulate package:js annotated JavaScript interop objects in cases where the name to call is not known at runtime.

You should only use these methods when the same effect cannot be achieved with @JS() annotations.


callConstructor<T>(Object constr, List<Object?>? arguments) → T
callMethod<T>(Object o, String method, List<Object?> args) → T
getProperty<T>(Object o, Object name) → T
hasProperty(Object o, Object name) bool
instanceof(Object? o, Object type) bool
Check whether o is an instance of type.
jsify(Object object) → dynamic
Recursively converts a JSON-like collection to JavaScript compatible representation.
newObject<T>() → T
promiseToFuture<T>(Object jsPromise) Future<T>
Converts a JavaScript Promise to a Dart Future.
setProperty<T>(Object o, Object name, T? value) → T

Exceptions / Errors

Exception for when the promise is rejected with a null or undefined value.