Map<K, V>.fromEntries constructor Null safety

Map<K, V>.fromEntries(
  1. Iterable<MapEntry<K, V>> entries

Creates a new map and adds all entries.

Returns a new Map<K, V> where all entries of entries have been added in iteration order.

If multiple entries have the same key, later occurrences overwrite the value of the earlier ones.

Equivalent to the map literal:

<K, V>{for (var e in entries) e.key: e.value}


final moonCount = <String, int>{'Mercury': 0, 'Venus': 0, 'Earth': 1,
  'Mars': 2, 'Jupiter': 79, 'Saturn': 82, 'Uranus': 27, 'Neptune': 14};
final map = Map.fromEntries(moonCount.entries);


factory Map.fromEntries(Iterable<MapEntry<K, V>> entries) =>
    <K, V>{}..addEntries(entries);