decode method Null safety

String decode(
  1. List<int> codeUnits,
  2. {bool? allowMalformed}

Decodes the UTF-8 codeUnits (a list of unsigned 8-bit integers) to the corresponding string.

If the codeUnits start with the encoding of a unicodeBomCharacterRune, that character is discarded.

If allowMalformed is true, the decoder replaces invalid (or unterminated) character sequences with the Unicode Replacement character U+FFFD (�). Otherwise it throws a FormatException.

If allowMalformed is not given, it defaults to the allowMalformed that was used to instantiate this.


String decode(List<int> codeUnits, {bool? allowMalformed}) {
  // Switch between const objects to avoid allocation.
  Utf8Decoder decoder = allowMalformed ?? _allowMalformed
      ? const Utf8Decoder(allowMalformed: true)
      : const Utf8Decoder(allowMalformed: false);
  return decoder.convert(codeUnits);