addEntries abstract method Null safety

void addEntries(
  1. Iterable<MapEntry<K, V>> newEntries

Adds all key/value pairs of newEntries to this map.

If a key of newEntries is already in this map, the corresponding value is overwritten.

The operation is equivalent to doing this[entry.key] = entry.value for each MapEntry of the iterable.

final planets = <int, String>{1: 'Mercury', 2: 'Venus',
  3: 'Earth', 4: 'Mars'};
final gasGiants = <int, String>{5: 'Jupiter', 6: 'Saturn'};
final iceGiants = <int, String>{7: 'Uranus', 8: 'Neptune'};
// {1: Mercury, 2: Venus, 3: Earth, 4: Mars, 5: Jupiter, 6: Saturn,
//  7: Uranus, 8: Neptune}


void addEntries(Iterable<MapEntry<K, V>> newEntries);