convert method Null safety

String convert(
  1. List<int> codeUnits,
  2. [int start = 0,
  3. int? end]

Converts the UTF-8 codeUnits (a list of unsigned 8-bit integers) to the corresponding string.

Uses the code units from start to, but not including, end. If end is omitted, it defaults to codeUnits.length.

If the codeUnits start with the encoding of a unicodeBomCharacterRune, that character is discarded.


String convert(List<int> codeUnits, [int start = 0, int? end]) {
  // Allow the implementation to intercept and specialize based on the type
  // of codeUnits.
  var result = _convertIntercepted(_allowMalformed, codeUnits, start, end);
  if (result != null) {
    return result;

  return _Utf8Decoder(_allowMalformed).convertSingle(codeUnits, start, end);