group abstract method Null safety

String? group(
  1. int group

The string matched by the given group.

If group is 0, returns the entire match of the pattern.

The result may be null if the pattern didn't assign a value to it as part of this match.

final string = '[00:13.37] This is a chat message.';
final regExp = RegExp(r'^\[\s*(\d+):(\d+)\.(\d+)\]\s*(.*)$');
final match = regExp.firstMatch(string)!;
final message = jsonEncode(match[0]!); // '[00:13.37] This is a chat message.'
final hours = jsonEncode(match[1]!); // '00'
final minutes = jsonEncode(match[2]!); // '13'
final seconds = jsonEncode(match[3]!); // '37'
final text = jsonEncode(match[4]!); // 'This is a chat message.'


String? group(int group);