skipWhile method Null safety

Stream<T> skipWhile(
  1. bool test(
    1. T element

Skip data events from this stream while they are matched by test.

Returns a stream that emits the same events as this stream, except that data events are not emitted until a data event fails test. The test fails when called with a data event if it returns a non-true value or if the call to test throws. If the call throws, the error is emitted as an error event on the returned stream instead of the data event, otherwise the event that made test return non-true is emitted as the first data event.

Error and done events are provided by the returned stream unmodified.

The returned stream is a broadcast stream if this stream is. For a broadcast stream, the events are only tested from the time the returned stream is listened to.


final stream = Stream<int>.periodic(const Duration(seconds: 1), (i) => i)
    .skipWhile((x) => x < 5);
stream.forEach(print); // Outputs events: 5, ..., 9.


Stream<T> skipWhile(bool test(T element)) {
  return new _SkipWhileStream<T>(this, test);