runSync method

ProcessResult runSync (
  1. String executable,
  2. List<String> arguments,
  3. {String workingDirectory,
  4. Map<String, String> environment,
  5. bool includeParentEnvironment: true,
  6. bool runInShell: false,
  7. Encoding stdoutEncoding: systemEncoding,
  8. Encoding stderrEncoding: systemEncoding}

Starts a process and runs it to completion. This is a synchronous call and will block until the child process terminates.

The arguments are the same as for

Returns a ProcessResult with the result of running the process, i.e., exit code, standard out and standard in.


external static ProcessResult runSync(
    String executable, List<String> arguments,
    {String workingDirectory,
    Map<String, String> environment,
    bool includeParentEnvironment: true,
    bool runInShell: false,
    Encoding stdoutEncoding: systemEncoding,
    Encoding stderrEncoding: systemEncoding});