redirect abstract method

Future<HttpClientResponse> redirect(
  1. [String? method,
  2. Uri? url,
  3. bool? followLoops]

Redirects this connection to a new URL. The default value for method is the method for the current request. The default value for url is the value of the HttpHeaders.locationHeader header of the current response. All body data must have been read from the current response before calling redirect.

All headers added to the request will be added to the redirection request. However, any body sent with the request will not be part of the redirection request.

If followLoops is set to true, redirect will follow the redirect, even if the URL was already visited. The default value is false.

The method will ignore HttpClientRequest.maxRedirects and will always perform the redirect.


Future<HttpClientResponse> redirect(
    [String? method, Uri? url, bool? followLoops]);