bind static method

Future<RawDatagramSocket> bind(
  1. dynamic host,
  2. int port,
  3. {bool reuseAddress = true,
  4. bool reusePort = false,
  5. int ttl = 1}

Binds a socket to the given host and port.

When the socket is bound and has started listening on port, the returned future completes with the RawDatagramSocket of the bound socket.

The host can either be a String or an InternetAddress. If host is a String, bind will perform a InternetAddress.lookup and use the first value in the list. To listen on the loopback interface, which will allow only incoming connections from the local host, use the value InternetAddress.loopbackIPv4 or InternetAddress.loopbackIPv6. To allow for incoming connection from any network use either one of the values InternetAddress.anyIPv4 or InternetAddress.anyIPv6 to bind to all interfaces, or use the IP address of a specific interface.

The reuseAddress should be set for all listeners that bind to the same address. Otherwise, it will fail with a SocketException.

The reusePort specifies whether the port can be reused.

The ttl sets time to live of a datagram sent on the socket.


external static Future<RawDatagramSocket> bind(host, int port,
    {bool reuseAddress = true, bool reusePort = false, int ttl = 1});