deleteSync abstract method

void deleteSync(
  1. {bool recursive = false}

Synchronously deletes this File.

If recursive is false:

  • If path corresponds to a regular file, named pipe or socket, then that path is deleted. If path corresponds to a link, and that link resolves to a file, then the link at path will be deleted. In all other cases, delete throws a FileSystemException.

If recursive is true:

  • The FileSystemEntity at path is deleted regardless of type. If path corresponds to a file or link, then that file or link is deleted. If path corresponds to a directory, then it and all sub-directories and files in those directories are deleted. Links are not followed when deleting recursively. Only the link is deleted, not its target. This behavior allows delete to be used to unconditionally delete any file system object.

If this File cannot be deleted, then delete throws a FileSystemException.


void deleteSync({bool recursive = false});