whenComplete abstract method

Future<T> whenComplete(
  1. FutureOr<void> action(

    Registers a function to be called when this future completes.

    The action function is called when this future completes, whether it does so with a value or with an error.

    This is the asynchronous equivalent of a "finally" block.

    The future returned by this call, f, will complete the same way as this future unless an error occurs in the action call, or in a Future returned by the action call. If the call to action does not return a future, its return value is ignored.

    If the call to action throws, then f is completed with the thrown error.

    If the call to action returns a Future, f2, then completion of f is delayed until f2 completes. If f2 completes with an error, that will be the result of f too. The value of f2 is always ignored.

    This method is equivalent to:

    Future<T> whenComplete(action()) {
      return this.then((v) {
        var f2 = action();
        if (f2 is Future) return f2.then((_) => v);
        return v;
      }, onError: (e) {
        var f2 = action();
        if (f2 is Future) return f2.then((_) { throw e; });
        throw e;


    void main() async {
      var value =
          await waitTask().whenComplete(() => print('do something here'));
      // Prints "do something here" after waitTask() completed.
      print(value); // Prints "done"
    Future<String> waitTask() {
      Future.delayed(const Duration(seconds: 5));
      return Future.value('done');
    // Outputs: 'do some work here' after waitTask is completed.


    Future<T> whenComplete(FutureOr<void> action());