cast<R> method Null safety

List<R> cast<R>()

Returns a view of this list as a list of R instances.

If this list contains only instances of R, all read operations will work correctly. If any operation tries to read an element that is not an instance of R, the access will throw instead.

Elements added to the list (e.g., by using add or addAll) must be instances of R to be valid arguments to the adding function, and they must also be instances of E to be accepted by this list as well.

Methods which accept Object? as argument, like contains and remove, will pass the argument directly to the this list's method without any checks. That means that you can do listOfStrings.cast<int>().remove("a") successfully, even if it looks like it shouldn't have any effect.

Typically implemented as List.castFrom<E, R>(this).


List<R> cast<R>() => UnmodifiableListView(_source.cast<R>());