NoSuchMethodError constructor

  1. @Deprecated("Use NoSuchMethod.withInvocation instead")
  1. Object receiver,
  2. Symbol memberName,
  3. List positionalArguments,
  4. Map<Symbol, dynamic> namedArguments,
  5. [@deprecated List existingArgumentNames]

Create a NoSuchMethodError corresponding to a failed method call.

The receiver is the receiver of the method call. That is, the object on which the method was attempted called. If the receiver is null, it is interpreted as a call to a top-level function of a library.

The memberName is a Symbol representing the name of the called method or accessor. It should not be null.

The positionalArguments is a list of the positional arguments that the method was called with. If null, it is considered equivalent to the empty list.

The namedArguments is a map from Symbols to the values of named arguments that the method was called with.

This constructor does not handle type arguments. To include type variables, create an Invocation and use NoSuchMethodError.withInvocation.


@Deprecated("Use NoSuchMethod.withInvocation instead")
external NoSuchMethodError(Object receiver, Symbol memberName,
    List positionalArguments, Map<Symbol, dynamic> namedArguments,
    [@deprecated List existingArgumentNames]);