startConnect static method

Future<ConnectionTask<RawSecureSocket>> startConnect(
  1. dynamic host,
  2. int port,
  3. {SecurityContext? context,
  4. bool onBadCertificate(
    1. X509Certificate certificate
  5. void keyLog(
    1. String line
  6. List<String>? supportedProtocols}

Like connect, but returns a Future that completes with a ConnectionTask that can be cancelled if the RawSecureSocket is no longer needed.


static Future<ConnectionTask<RawSecureSocket>> startConnect(host, int port,
    {SecurityContext? context,
    bool onBadCertificate(X509Certificate certificate)?,
    void keyLog(String line)?,
    List<String>? supportedProtocols}) {
  return RawSocket.startConnect(host, port)
      .then((ConnectionTask<RawSocket> rawState) {
    Future<RawSecureSocket> socket = rawState.socket.then((rawSocket) {
      return secure(rawSocket,
          context: context,
          onBadCertificate: onBadCertificate,
          keyLog: keyLog,
          supportedProtocols: supportedProtocols);
    return new ConnectionTask<RawSecureSocket>._(socket, rawState._onCancel);