texImage2DTyped method Null safety

  1. @Deprecated("Use texImage2D")
void texImage2DTyped(
  1. int targetTexture,
  2. int levelOfDetail,
  3. int internalFormat,
  4. int width,
  5. int height,
  6. int border,
  7. int format,
  8. int type,
  9. TypedData data
@Deprecated("Use texImage2D")

Sets the currently bound texture to data.

This is deprecated in favour of texImage2D.


@Deprecated("Use texImage2D")
void texImage2DTyped(int targetTexture, int levelOfDetail, int internalFormat,
    int width, int height, int border, int format, int type, TypedData data) {
  texImage2D(targetTexture, levelOfDetail, internalFormat, width, height,
      border, format, type, data);