texSubImage2DUntyped method Null safety

  1. @Deprecated("Use texSubImage2D")
void texSubImage2DUntyped(
  1. int targetTexture,
  2. int levelOfDetail,
  3. int xOffset,
  4. int yOffset,
  5. int format,
  6. int type,
  7. dynamic data
@Deprecated("Use texSubImage2D")

Updates a sub-rectangle of the currently bound texture to data.

data can be either an ImageElement, a CanvasElement, a VideoElement, TypedData or an ImageData object.


@Deprecated("Use texSubImage2D")
void texSubImage2DUntyped(int targetTexture, int levelOfDetail, int xOffset,
    int yOffset, int format, int type, data) {
      targetTexture, levelOfDetail, xOffset, yOffset, format, type, data);