IndexError constructor Null safety

  1. @Deprecated("Use IndexError.withLength instead.")
  1. int invalidValue,
  2. dynamic indexable,
  3. [String? name,
  4. String? message,
  5. int? length]

Creates a new IndexError stating that invalidValue is not a valid index into indexable.

The length is the length of indexable at the time of the error. If length is omitted, it defaults to indexable.length.

The message is used as part of the string representation of the error.


@Deprecated("Use IndexError.withLength instead.")
IndexError(int invalidValue, dynamic indexable,
    [String? name, String? message, int? length])
    : this.indexable = indexable,
      // ignore: avoid_dynamic_calls
      this.length = length ?? indexable.length,
      super.value(invalidValue, name, message ?? "Index out of range");