setTrustedCertificates abstract method

void setTrustedCertificates(
  1. String file,
  2. {String? password}

Add a certificate to the set of trusted X509 certificates used by SecureSocket client connections.

file is the path to a PEM or PKCS12 file containing X509 certificates, usually root certificates from certificate authorities. For PKCS12 files, password is the password for the file. For PEM files, password is ignored. Assuming it is well-formatted, all other contents of file are ignored.

NB: This function calls File.readAsBytesSync, and will block on file IO. Prefer using setTrustedCertificatesBytes.

iOS note: On iOS, this call takes only the bytes for a single DER encoded X509 certificate. It may be called multiple times to add multiple trusted certificates to the context. A DER encoded certificate can be obtained from a PEM encoded certificate by using the openssl tool:

$ openssl x509 -outform der -in cert.pem -out cert.der


void setTrustedCertificates(String file, {String? password});